Pain and Pleasure of a Mom

Having crossed 40 weeks of pregnancy  I was eager and expecting labor pain every moment. My due date as per gynecologist was june 1st 2016.

On june 2nd night I went to bed praying and hoping for my labor pain to start. That night I was urinating frequently , around 2.30 am some liquid was leaked out of me on my bed. Unsure of whether it is amniotic fluid or not I googled and found out its amniotic fluid as google said amniotic fluid is odourless . I asked my mom and dad to take me to hospital.

As they were sleepy my mom made coffee for us .She also prepared cumin water with some jaggery added to it and took it in a hot flask.she said if it’s consumed once pain begins, the pain will aggravate.

As we started to hospital in the car, my contractions began.It was sharp pain in my abdomen that lasted only for few seconds and recurred after few mins.We arrived the hospital and doctor checked my cervix dilation and said my labor pain had begun and she asked me to wait for the pain to progress.As time progressed the interval between each sharp pain decreased from minutes to seconds.Being sorrounded by 2 nurse, 1 doctor and 2 ayah. I was asked by the nurse not to push the baby though I got the urge to push the baby. The nurse said that my cervix has dilated only 7 cm and I am allowed to push the baby only when the cervix dilation is complete to 10 cm that’s when the baby’s head will be seen from outside. She said I would lose my energy if I start to push much before when it is necessary and would have no energy when it will be really required. Pain accompanied by urge to push but not allowed to push was dreadful experience in my life. When the baby’s head was seen the nurse and the doctor asked me to push. I read somewhere in google that I should push just like putting abdomen crunches. I did put crunches repeatedly for every sharp pain in the abdomen and baby was finally out at 11.30 am.


Doctor said Its a girl baby. Nurse rested the baby on my chest. I kissed her tiny face. Nurse made my baby to kiss me in turn. She asked me to breastfeed her as the baby was constantly crying.She positioned the baby for me to breastfeed. The moment my baby picked my nipple with her mouth she started suckling and stopped crying. It gave me immense pleasure when I realized that I am lactating and when I learnt my baby already knew how to suckle and feed on me.That is the time I realized that when there is a creation there is a creator. Nature doesn’t allow the baby to stay in womb for more than 40 weeks. Nature makes the lungs of the baby work only after its pops out from mothers tummy. Nature makes the mom to lactate for the baby’s survival.Nature protects and guides every step of life. Its our duty to save nature.