Expecting Moms To Ensure Normal Delivery

Most expecting moms are anxious about child birth and labor pain and it is more in case of first timers. Though normal delivery is little painful, it is the best way for delivery as it is natural. A C-section can be avoided with proper diet and exercise. All moms wish is to give birth to a healthy baby through the natural way. Here are few tips that help you have a happy pregnancy and a normal delivery.


1) Choose the right doctor: First step is to choose the right doctor for your pregnancy checkups and delivery. Make sure that you are able to connect with your doctor easily and ask her questions and doubts you feel like asking without any hesitation. There are many good reputed doctors who barely spend time with patients to answer their questions, please don’t go for such doctors. Though they might have good reputation, they might not be suitable for you if they are very busy to speak to you for more than 5 minutes or so. It is sad that some doctors might push you for C-section for their convenience. So to choose your doctor, check for the number of normal delivery done by him or her. Talk to the doctor about his or her view on normal delivery. If you feel the doctor is good and cooperates for your expectations on normal delivery then continue your consultations with him or her, otherwise change your doctor.

2) Follow doctor’s Advice: Weight gain is a natural process during pregnancy. If you are overweight then there is a limit on your weight gain in order to deliver a healthy baby in a healthy way. Your doctor would initially check on your Body mass index (BMI) and suggest you a diet plan. Usually women with lower BMI are allowed to put on weight from 12 to 15 kg, Women with normal BMI are allowed to put on weight from 10 to 12 kg and women with higher BMI are allowed to put on weight from 7 to 9 kg during your entire pregnancy cycle. Strictly follow your doctor’s diet plan.

3) Eat lots of Greens: Anything that is edible and green in color is a rich source of Iron. During pregnancy loads of Iron is required for your baby’s growth and for yourself. Fill your stomach with lots of green veggies. Make sure you eat at-least one greenly vegetable every day. Some of the veggies good for pregnancy are beans, spinach, capsicum, cucumber, cauliflower, broccoli, peas, and cabbage.

4) Consume lots of fruits and Stay Hydrated: It is important for you to stay hydrated during pregnancy. Drink water every 2 hours once. Eat fruits like Orange, Pomegranate, apple, pear, guava and all other fruits which are rich in vitamins and iron.

5) Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol: Excessive consumption of caffeine and alcohol is not good for the baby’s growth. Stay away from coffee, cigar and Alcohol during pregnancy.

6) Go for prenatal Classes: Go for prenatal classes, In prenatal Classes they teach you how to handle complications that might occur during pregnancy and also they will teach you few exercises that you can practice for normal and less painful delivery.

7) Exercise and Walk: After completing 12 weeks (3 months) of pregnancy, it is mandatory to walk every day for minimum 30 minutes. Walking relaxes and loosens the muscles near your lower abdomen and legs which greatly helps you to push the baby during normal delivery. You can also do mild yoga if properly trained and learnt from yoga professional.


Stay Stress free and All the Best for your Delivery.