SuperStar – The Man of Simplicity


Whether you have Maruti or BMW,the road remains the same.

Whether you travel economy class or business,your destination doesn’t change.

Whether you have Titan or Rolex,the time is the same.

Whether you have Apple Samsung or Lava the people who call you remains the same.

There is nothing wrong in dreaming a luxurious life.

What needs to be taken care of is to not let the NEED become GREED.

Because needs can always be met.. but greed can never be fulfilled

~ Rajinikanth

        These wonderful words of Superstar Rajinikanth strikes my mind whenever I think of Luxury.

Daily Prompt: Luxury


Paint life colorful


Why worry when you can pray.

Why punish when you can forgive.

Why grumble when you can be thankful.

Why be fake when you can be real.

Why to be upset when you can ignore.

Why hate when you can love.

Why cry when you can smile.

Why choose black when you can paint life colorful.



Choose Wise.



A Girl’s Stubborn Attire


A girl developed stripes like marks on her skin during her adolescent age.Those are the stretch marks that happen as part of growth in some children.

When she grew up, she found herself ugly because of the marks that were on her skin.She was having stretch marks on her hip, abdomen, back of her shoulder and almost everywhere on her body.

She tried every cream and oil that was available in the market to get rid of her stretch marks.Her marks were stubborn that it never wanted to go off from her skin.

The girl then learned to live with her stretch  marks and stopped finding ways to get rid off it.Though she learned to live with it, she was ashamed to show her marks to the world so she always dressed in such a way her dress doesn’t reveal her marks.

she knew that someday her stretch marks will be noticed by the guy whom she would marry.she feared of that day because she thought she will be taunted for having such marks. She was miserable thinking she would be hated for the marks on her skin

One day she found the love of her life.With so much fear and hesitation ,She showed him the ugly marks on her skin and said him how bad she feels for having them on her skin. To her surprise her man kissed her striped skin and said they are beautiful on you. I love you the way you are.

It is then she realized even the marks on her skin had a reason for its existence. It is her stretch marks which showed how sincere was her partners love for her. She embraced her stretch marks only when her partner embraced the flaw in her skin.

Sometimes we stress about things which are not in our control and make life miserable for ourselves and for others. How many of us truely embrace the flaws in our partner?


Stop craving for love

Sometimes we end up falling in love with someone who is not meant for us. Though your brain tells that he or she is not meant for you, your mind will never listens, You feel like you can’t let that person go off your mind and will become desperate for love and attention. This Craving for love from someone who is not interested in you is not good for yourself and for the other person too. You are wasting your time and draining your energy for a person who is not worth for it. The other person also may feel annoyed because of your desperation for attention from him or her. This can be overcome by practicing self-love. Here are ways to develop self-love

  “Dont forget to fall in love with yourself first”

Count on your positives and be thankful for it : Each of us have positive and negative qualities in us. List down only positive things you have got in life leaving behind the negative. You might be good person by heart willing to help others in need, you might be a great friend for your friend, you might be good in math or singing, you might be blessed with a supportive family, you might be having a loving brother or sister who is there for you to listen to you. Think of all the positives in you and be thankful for it.

Spend Time on your Hobbies :  Spending more time on your hobbies like reading, writing, swimming or any other activity of your interest will make you engaged in doing what you love ,will deviate your mind from unnecessary thoughts and helps you develop your inner talent. Have one if you don’t have any hobby.

Take Good Care of yourself : Stay healthy by having good diet and doing exercise everyday.Sleep at-least 8 hours a day and do exercises like walking , running, swimming or yoga everyday.You will have a great peace of mind if you are fit and healthy.

Focus on your Dream : Have a dream to achieve something big in life. Let your dream become the thing which your heart craves for, Plan short-term goals to achieve your long-term dream. Work towards accomplishing your goals. If you fail in accomplishing your goal , work in different ways and find out which way works out the goal. By achieving your goals you will live your dream one day which will make you more attractive than ever before.

Unstoppable Dream !

“Dream is not what you see in sleep,but is that thing that doesn’t let you sleep”-Sir APJ Abdul Kalam

“Dont stop chasing your dream,     Dreams do come true”- Sachin Tendulkar

“Arise, Awake, Stop not till the goal is reached” – Swami Vivekananda

Every achievement starts with a dream..

A dream that turns into burning desire in heart..

A dream that demands to accomplish goals..

A dream that doesn’t fade away with failure ..

A dream that learns new lessons from past mistakes ..

A dream that is dreamt by Unstoppable living soul that doesnt let the dream just be dream.

– Bhuvana




When life becomes tough..


Just when the caterpillar thought its life was over it became a beautiful butterfly.Gold becomes an ornament only after it gets exposed to extreme temperature.Pain, Tears, Heartbreak,Failure are all that changes you from within.When life becomes tough accept change move forward through stages of change.All struggles you face today evolves a stronger brighter you tomorrow. Remember Struggle makes success sweeter.
Afterall life is itself a
beautiful Struggle.Smile.

NAMI Man Made Island with Nature at its best

Somewhere in 2013,my friends and  I visited Nami Island which is located near to seoul, south korea. Thanks to our colleague and friend Jung jae for taking us here. It is a tiny half-moon shaped Island bestowed with beautiful nature.

We had to take 5 minutes ferry ride to reach the Island. A giant rock with water falling from its mouth and flowers grown on a small heart-shaped land welcomed us once we stepped out of ferry-boat.



On walking inside everywhere it was trees , flowers , view of mountain , fresh water and benches here and there with some cute stuffs like paints on wood and many other eye catchy things.


As it was end of winter and onset of spring, I enjoyed the site of trees which had just pink or white blossoms and no leaves,cute korean couples and their cute tiny pet dogs, some rabbits on the lawn


There were cycles which can be hired to roam around. They had also got big family cycles (tricycle types) for people with children so that the men can ride while women and children can sit and relax. I hired a bicycle and roamed around the Island. Stopped in between to capture pictures.

The island was surrounded by clear and fresh water with fresh green creepers and bushes on its bank.

There were also peddle boat ride , zip wire drive and other recreational activities which dint grab much of my attention as I was amazed by the beautiful nature and could not do anything other than admiring it.


This island has become famous after it appeared in korean drama called “winter sonata”.

A footpath with its sides covered by many giant like tall red wood trees with dense branches is the most picturesque point of the Island.

FB_IMG_1467573068048On googling I discovered that In 1965, Nami Island was purchased by Mr. Minn Byeong-do.His love and dedication turned a desolate piece of land with only few scattered chestnut trees, polar trees, and mulberry trees on the fringes of a small peanut farm into the beautifully cultivated Nami Island we see today.

Mr.Minn along with his another friend planted so many trees in this Island that they had competition in planting most number of trees.

Mr. Min motto is “green trees and clean river are what we own and need to take good care for future generation”.

Hats off to Mr.Minn and other koreans for nurturing the environment and giving us a great place like Nami.