Disheartened because you failed?

Are you disheartened because you failed?

Always remember the old proverb – Failure is the stepping stone for success.Every failure gives you a new experience that pushes you closer to success.

Bill Gates was co-owner of a company traf-o-data which was a failure.His first company was a failure. He was a failed entrepreneur but it is this experience with traf-o-data which helped him to build Microsoft two years later and made him as one of the worlds richest and successful entrepreneur.

Worlds renowned writer J.K Rowling faced lots of rejection for continues 5 years before a publisher accepted to publish her great work Harry Potter.Her never give up attitude helped her to achieve fame and name.

Narayana Moorthy was rejected for a job opening in an Indian IT giant company called Wipro. Later on, Narayana Moorthy built his own IT giant called Infosys and became a successful competitor for Wipro by placing Infosys in 2nd rank while pushing Wipro down to 3 rd rank in India’s top IT company ranking system.

Failing after giving your best is not a failure but failing to try is the real failure. Do not give up because you did a mistake and failed. Learn not to repeat the same mistake. Try try try again till you succeed because ultimately you are going to succeed. Hard work never fails. Things that matters is how hard you tried to achieve it.How much you learnt from your mistakes and also from others mistakes who tried what you are trying to achieve now.

People around you may tell you cant do it because they never did it but the same people will praise you if you achieve it. Do not listen to those who de-motivates you. Listen to your heart.If you really want to achieve something in your life. Think of it , dream of it and work hard with faith on yourself till you get what you want.