Unstoppable Dream !

“Dream is not what you see in sleep,but is that thing that doesn’t let you sleep”-Sir APJ Abdul Kalam

“Dont stop chasing your dream,     Dreams do come true”- Sachin Tendulkar

“Arise, Awake, Stop not till the goal is reached” – Swami Vivekananda

Every achievement starts with a dream..

A dream that turns into burning desire in heart..

A dream that demands to accomplish goals..

A dream that doesn’t fade away with failure ..

A dream that learns new lessons from past mistakes ..

A dream that is dreamt by Unstoppable living soul that doesnt let the dream just be dream.

– Bhuvana





When life becomes tough..


Just when the caterpillar thought its life was over it became a beautiful butterfly.Gold becomes an ornament only after it gets exposed to extreme temperature.Pain, Tears, Heartbreak,Failure are all that changes you from within.When life becomes tough accept change move forward through stages of change.All struggles you face today evolves a stronger brighter you tomorrow. Remember Struggle makes success sweeter.
Afterall life is itself a
beautiful Struggle.Smile.

NAMI Man Made Island with Nature at its best

Somewhere in 2013,my friends and  I visited Nami Island which is located near to seoul, south korea. Thanks to our colleague and friend Jung jae for taking us here. It is a tiny half-moon shaped Island bestowed with beautiful nature.

We had to take 5 minutes ferry ride to reach the Island. A giant rock with water falling from its mouth and flowers grown on a small heart-shaped land welcomed us once we stepped out of ferry-boat.



On walking inside everywhere it was trees , flowers , view of mountain , fresh water and benches here and there with some cute stuffs like paints on wood and many other eye catchy things.


As it was end of winter and onset of spring, I enjoyed the site of trees which had just pink or white blossoms and no leaves,cute korean couples and their cute tiny pet dogs, some rabbits on the lawn


There were cycles which can be hired to roam around. They had also got big family cycles (tricycle types) for people with children so that the men can ride while women and children can sit and relax. I hired a bicycle and roamed around the Island. Stopped in between to capture pictures.

The island was surrounded by clear and fresh water with fresh green creepers and bushes on its bank.

There were also peddle boat ride , zip wire drive and other recreational activities which dint grab much of my attention as I was amazed by the beautiful nature and could not do anything other than admiring it.


This island has become famous after it appeared in korean drama called “winter sonata”.

A footpath with its sides covered by many giant like tall red wood trees with dense branches is the most picturesque point of the Island.

FB_IMG_1467573068048On googling I discovered that In 1965, Nami Island was purchased by Mr. Minn Byeong-do.His love and dedication turned a desolate piece of land with only few scattered chestnut trees, polar trees, and mulberry trees on the fringes of a small peanut farm into the beautifully cultivated Nami Island we see today.

Mr.Minn along with his another friend planted so many trees in this Island that they had competition in planting most number of trees.

Mr. Min motto is “green trees and clean river are what we own and need to take good care for future generation”.

Hats off to Mr.Minn and other koreans for nurturing the environment and giving us a great place like Nami.


Pain and Pleasure of a Mom

Having crossed 40 weeks of pregnancy  I was eager and expecting labor pain every moment. My due date as per gynecologist was june 1st 2016.

On june 2nd night I went to bed praying and hoping for my labor pain to start. That night I was urinating frequently , around 2.30 am some liquid was leaked out of me on my bed. Unsure of whether it is amniotic fluid or not I googled and found out its amniotic fluid as google said amniotic fluid is odourless . I asked my mom and dad to take me to hospital.

As they were sleepy my mom made coffee for us .She also prepared cumin water with some jaggery added to it and took it in a hot flask.she said if it’s consumed once pain begins, the pain will aggravate.

As we started to hospital in the car, my contractions began.It was sharp pain in my abdomen that lasted only for few seconds and recurred after few mins.We arrived the hospital and doctor checked my cervix dilation and said my labor pain had begun and she asked me to wait for the pain to progress.As time progressed the interval between each sharp pain decreased from minutes to seconds.Being sorrounded by 2 nurse, 1 doctor and 2 ayah. I was asked by the nurse not to push the baby though I got the urge to push the baby. The nurse said that my cervix has dilated only 7 cm and I am allowed to push the baby only when the cervix dilation is complete to 10 cm that’s when the baby’s head will be seen from outside. She said I would lose my energy if I start to push much before when it is necessary and would have no energy when it will be really required. Pain accompanied by urge to push but not allowed to push was dreadful experience in my life. When the baby’s head was seen the nurse and the doctor asked me to push. I read somewhere in google that I should push just like putting abdomen crunches. I did put crunches repeatedly for every sharp pain in the abdomen and baby was finally out at 11.30 am.


Doctor said Its a girl baby. Nurse rested the baby on my chest. I kissed her tiny face. Nurse made my baby to kiss me in turn. She asked me to breastfeed her as the baby was constantly crying.She positioned the baby for me to breastfeed. The moment my baby picked my nipple with her mouth she started suckling and stopped crying. It gave me immense pleasure when I realized that I am lactating and when I learnt my baby already knew how to suckle and feed on me.That is the time I realized that when there is a creation there is a creator. Nature doesn’t allow the baby to stay in womb for more than 40 weeks. Nature makes the lungs of the baby work only after its pops out from mothers tummy. Nature makes the mom to lactate for the baby’s survival.Nature protects and guides every step of life. Its our duty to save nature.