Ways to have work life balance


In today’s world, where technology like smart phones and tablets connects employees and employers easily, the balance in work and life  has become almost impossible for most of the people. Most people get stressed because they do office work at home and think about home at office because they face shortage of time at both workplace and home. Here are simple tips that will help improve your work life balance.

Identify the necessities in Life : First step to achieve work life balance is to identify what you really need in life and communicate clearly with your boss or family. In case if you feel you want to go back home early everyday so that you can spend more time with your children, speak to your boss and adjust your work hours accordingly. You can tell your boss you will be more productive at work if he allows you to come to office early and leave early before the traffic of peak hours builds up in the city. Similarly you can talk to your spouse and make sure that he or she spends time with the children in the morning and leaves office little late so that one can take care when the other parent is away. In case if you think working from home for 2 or 3 days in a week then communicate the same with the boss in a more acceptable way. if your boss agrees well and good , if he doesn’t agree don’t get stressed over it , instead find an alternative like switching your job to a workplace where the policies are more flexible.

Set up Boundaries : Clearly distinguish between your work time and personal time. Don’t keep reading mails from your phone when you are on dining table. Don’t pick up calls if your boss or colleague calls you when you are spending time with your family. clearly tell you colleagues that you will not be available to even attend calls during particular hours of the day.

Learn to Say No : when you think that you are given an extra work like arranging a party for a farewell or asked to give a training to the junior employee when you are loaded with lot of work already , then clearly tell your colleague that you will not be able to the extra work as you have got time only to do the work that is already assigned, may be you can plan for it for the next day without stretching your work for longer hours on any day.

Follow a daily routine : some professionals like marketing executives might have to do some report work from home. Such people should have a dedicated time in a day to complete the work so that you don’t get piled up with lots of work at the end of the week or month. Wake up and go to bed at same time everyday so you get adopted to a particular schedule for everyday activity and finish off the work on time. This will make you feel good that you have nothing pending and relaxes your mind before you go to sleep.