No matter how you feel getup, dress up, show up and never give up

No matter


Overcome laziness and accomplish your tasks with ease

Sometimes or most of the times for some people, it feels lazy and difficult to do the tasks we ought to do. We know we have to do certain things like doing your task at workplace, going to bank, do shopping, booking appointments,cooking or doing exercises but we fail to do because of we feel lazy and procrastinate. To keep a check on our every day task and to avoid being lazy , here are few tips that will help you if followed.

“Laziness may appear attractive but work gives satisfaction”

  1. Be organised : Keeping house or workplace clean and tidy will give you peace and a mood to kick start your work. Before starting your day in house or workplace spare few minutes of your time to keep the space neat and calm. If things are unorganized and messy , it ll put off your mood to work and that is something which will stop you from doing things that you need to do.
  2. Write a To-Do List: Everyday plan what task you need to accomplish today and write it down in a list. Do the tough task first and rest of the tasks next so that it becomes easy for you to complete your daily activity with ease. Once you finish your tough tasks first ,that will itself boost you to complete the remaining easier tasks soon and you ll be left free at the end of the day which you can use to enjoy yourself with music or something that best suits your hobby. Make sure you do not overload yourself by writing too many tasks than you  can handle in a day. Your To-Do list must have reasonable number of tasks.
  3. Follow Regular Time Patterns:  Follow regular time patterns for sleeping, eating, reaching office place and other things. if you follow regular time patterns and do the things in a timely manner, it will become your habit and your habit cannot be changed even if you think of changing. Make a habit to wake up and sleep early. Do exercise at a particular time, Have a particular time for breakfast , lunch and tea break, Accomplish tasks before each break. This will definitely not let you to be lazy.
  4. Focus on one thing at a time:  Do not overthink, focus on the thing that you are doing at present, do not let your mind waver and overthink about the things that happen in the past or do not think about your future goals when you are doing some task at the moment. This might stop you from the task you are currently doing and there are chances that you might get deviated from the current work that you are doing. You can think of other things once you have finished the tasks in your to-do list.
  5. Relax: Give your body and mind some relaxation time. Once in a while , like on a Sunday you can allow yourself to be lazy and pamper yourself with some massage or anything that makes you feel relaxed. You can relax by watching your favorite movie or doing your favorite sport or having a favorite meal or doing anything that makes you feel good.