Stop craving for love

Sometimes we end up falling in love with someone who is not meant for us. Though your brain tells that he or she is not meant for you, your mind will never listens, You feel like you can’t let that person go off your mind and will become desperate for love and attention. This Craving for love from someone who is not interested in you is not good for yourself and for the other person too. You are wasting your time and draining your energy for a person who is not worth for it. The other person also may feel annoyed because of your desperation for attention from him or her. This can be overcome by practicing self-love. Here are ways to develop self-love

  “Dont forget to fall in love with yourself first”

Count on your positives and be thankful for it : Each of us have positive and negative qualities in us. List down only positive things you have got in life leaving behind the negative. You might be good person by heart willing to help others in need, you might be a great friend for your friend, you might be good in math or singing, you might be blessed with a supportive family, you might be having a loving brother or sister who is there for you to listen to you. Think of all the positives in you and be thankful for it.

Spend Time on your Hobbies :  Spending more time on your hobbies like reading, writing, swimming or any other activity of your interest will make you engaged in doing what you love ,will deviate your mind from unnecessary thoughts and helps you develop your inner talent. Have one if you don’t have any hobby.

Take Good Care of yourself : Stay healthy by having good diet and doing exercise everyday.Sleep at-least 8 hours a day and do exercises like walking , running, swimming or yoga everyday.You will have a great peace of mind if you are fit and healthy.

Focus on your Dream : Have a dream to achieve something big in life. Let your dream become the thing which your heart craves for, Plan short-term goals to achieve your long-term dream. Work towards accomplishing your goals. If you fail in accomplishing your goal , work in different ways and find out which way works out the goal. By achieving your goals you will live your dream one day which will make you more attractive than ever before.


Pain and Pleasure of a Mom

Having crossed 40 weeks of pregnancy  I was eager and expecting labor pain every moment. My due date as per gynecologist was june 1st 2016.

On june 2nd night I went to bed praying and hoping for my labor pain to start. That night I was urinating frequently , around 2.30 am some liquid was leaked out of me on my bed. Unsure of whether it is amniotic fluid or not I googled and found out its amniotic fluid as google said amniotic fluid is odourless . I asked my mom and dad to take me to hospital.

As they were sleepy my mom made coffee for us .She also prepared cumin water with some jaggery added to it and took it in a hot flask.she said if it’s consumed once pain begins, the pain will aggravate.

As we started to hospital in the car, my contractions began.It was sharp pain in my abdomen that lasted only for few seconds and recurred after few mins.We arrived the hospital and doctor checked my cervix dilation and said my labor pain had begun and she asked me to wait for the pain to progress.As time progressed the interval between each sharp pain decreased from minutes to seconds.Being sorrounded by 2 nurse, 1 doctor and 2 ayah. I was asked by the nurse not to push the baby though I got the urge to push the baby. The nurse said that my cervix has dilated only 7 cm and I am allowed to push the baby only when the cervix dilation is complete to 10 cm that’s when the baby’s head will be seen from outside. She said I would lose my energy if I start to push much before when it is necessary and would have no energy when it will be really required. Pain accompanied by urge to push but not allowed to push was dreadful experience in my life. When the baby’s head was seen the nurse and the doctor asked me to push. I read somewhere in google that I should push just like putting abdomen crunches. I did put crunches repeatedly for every sharp pain in the abdomen and baby was finally out at 11.30 am.


Doctor said Its a girl baby. Nurse rested the baby on my chest. I kissed her tiny face. Nurse made my baby to kiss me in turn. She asked me to breastfeed her as the baby was constantly crying.She positioned the baby for me to breastfeed. The moment my baby picked my nipple with her mouth she started suckling and stopped crying. It gave me immense pleasure when I realized that I am lactating and when I learnt my baby already knew how to suckle and feed on me.That is the time I realized that when there is a creation there is a creator. Nature doesn’t allow the baby to stay in womb for more than 40 weeks. Nature makes the lungs of the baby work only after its pops out from mothers tummy. Nature makes the mom to lactate for the baby’s survival.Nature protects and guides every step of life. Its our duty to save nature.

My Panacea

Your big eyes filled with love, two brightest stars living on earth..

Your small kisses on my cheeks,forehead most sweetest touch ever on me..

Your little first steps, chalak chalak melancholy of your anklets mine most memorable scene..

Your meaningless honey words my ears craves it , wants to hear it again and more..

Your mesmerizing smile with milky teeth makes my sorrows vanish like magic..

Your tiny fingers, Your playful laughter, Your silly cries, Your naughty deeds makes my life more meaningful..

When life pulls me back, You the one who pulls it forward. You are my
My lovely daughter


Disheartened because you failed?

Are you disheartened because you failed?

Always remember the old proverb – Failure is the stepping stone for success.Every failure gives you a new experience that pushes you closer to success.

Bill Gates was co-owner of a company traf-o-data which was a failure.His first company was a failure. He was a failed entrepreneur but it is this experience with traf-o-data which helped him to build Microsoft two years later and made him as one of the worlds richest and successful entrepreneur.

Worlds renowned writer J.K Rowling faced lots of rejection for continues 5 years before a publisher accepted to publish her great work Harry Potter.Her never give up attitude helped her to achieve fame and name.

Narayana Moorthy was rejected for a job opening in an Indian IT giant company called Wipro. Later on, Narayana Moorthy built his own IT giant called Infosys and became a successful competitor for Wipro by placing Infosys in 2nd rank while pushing Wipro down to 3 rd rank in India’s top IT company ranking system.

Failing after giving your best is not a failure but failing to try is the real failure. Do not give up because you did a mistake and failed. Learn not to repeat the same mistake. Try try try again till you succeed because ultimately you are going to succeed. Hard work never fails. Things that matters is how hard you tried to achieve it.How much you learnt from your mistakes and also from others mistakes who tried what you are trying to achieve now.

People around you may tell you cant do it because they never did it but the same people will praise you if you achieve it. Do not listen to those who de-motivates you. Listen to your heart.If you really want to achieve something in your life. Think of it , dream of it and work hard with faith on yourself till you get what you want.

5 Things to remember when everything goes wrong

We expect something in life but it turns out to be something else unexpected and problematic.However the troubles we face will lead us to better path in life by teaching us valuable lessons of life.There is always always always something to be thankful for. One must wake up every day feeling thankful for life because somebody somewhere else is fighting for theirs.

“Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together.” – Marilyn Monroe

Few things to remember when everything goes wrong:

1) Everything happens for a reason;Learn to appreciate the good in bad things :

When I lost my job I realized the importance of having one. When I believed a liar I learnt not to trust anyone other than myself. When I went bankrupt I learnt the value of savings.When I had to live away from family I realized the love of my family.Everything happens for a good reason. Learn to see the good in every bad thing that happens and keep going.

2) Pain is Temporary: if things are bad, don’t worry. It wont last forever. It’s just a phase of life but not your whole life. This phase will pass by soon and good things will happen sooner. Afterall life is full of ups and down. Be happy when good things happen but remember to smile even when life brings you down because you know it will not last permanently.

3) Struggle makes you stronger: When you were a baby you struggled to crawl , walk and talk but at the end this struggle only made walking and talking easy for you. Similarly to achieve anything in life you have to go through various struggles. These struggles will help you  to be successful

4) Worrying or complaining changes nothing: Time spent worrying is the time wasted. Worrying will only suppress you. Have faith in you and the positivity that surrounds you and stop worrying.It’s always better to attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing and succeed.  It’s not over if you’ve lost; it’s over when you do nothing but complain about it.  If you believe in something, keep trying.

5) Other people’s problem is not your problem: 

Smile when others try to bring you down.  It’s an easy way to maintain your enthusiasm and focus.  When other people treat you poorly, keep being you.  Don’t ever let someone else’s bitterness change the person you are.  You can’t take things too personally, even if it seems personal. Rarely do people do things because of you.  They do things because of them.

Above all, don’t ever change just to impress someone who says you’re not good enough.  Change because it makes you a better person and leads you to a brighter future.  People are going to talk regardless of what you do or how well you do it.  So worry about yourself before you worry about what others think.  If you believe strongly in something, don’t be afraid to fight for it.  Great strength comes from overcoming what others think is impossible.

Do whatever makes you happy and be with whoever makes you happy. Life is all about living happy and peaceful.

Surya namaskar for radical transformation of your body and mind

Surya Namaskar which is also known as Sun Salutation is a combination of various yoga postures that consists of 12 steps. Practicing Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation regularly helps to keep your internal system strong and improves immunity.

Sun Salutation is a complete body workout. Yoga experts say that doing 12 sets of Surya Namaskar translates into doing 288 powerful yoga poses in a span of 10 to 15 minutes. Regular practise of surya namaskar bring lot of health benefit to every part of your body from top to toe as these poses regulate the supply of blood flow to every organ in your body and makes it healthy.

Surya namaskar brings radical transformation to your body and mind. An Amazing fact is that 30 minutes of surya namaskar burns as much calories as 30 mimutes of running does . Isn’t a good idea to burn so much calories at your home just by stretching on your mat.

Phenomenal benefits of surya namaskar are :

1) Greatly helps to lose weight: These poses stretches your muscles and helps lose weight in abdomen , hip, thighs and hands leaving you in great shape. Doing sun salutation for 12 times takes somewhere between 10 to 15 mins a day which is great for those who have busy schedules and can’t spare much time for daily exercise.

2)Strengthens  Muscles and Joints: surya namaskar postures adds strength to your muscles, joints. It also strengthens the spinal cord by making it flexible.

3) Slows ageing by adding glow to your skin: Surya namaskar improves blood circulation to your entire body including face which makes your skin glow and slows the process of ageing.

4) Ensures Regular menstrual cycles and easy child-birth: Surya namaskar is highly beneficial for women as it regulates irregular menstrual cycle and if practised daily before pregnancy (do not perform surya namaskar during pregnancy) , it helps greatly for easy child-birth as it strengthens the abdomen muscles that helps for natural birth.

5) Detoxify your Body: As it involves inhalation and exhalation , it improves the oxygen supply for blood streams removing carbon dioxide and other toxic gases from your body which in turn detoxify your body

6) Better functioning Digestive System: Sun salutation helps in smooth functioning of digestive system. As these yoga asanas increases blood flow to the digestive tracts resulting in better functioning of intestines.

7) Helps you to improve your sleeping pattern: It helps you to cope with insomnia as the asanas will calm your mind giving you good night’s sleep.

8) Gives you overall mental health: it improves memory and nervous system and helps you get rid of anxiety. It normalizes the activity of endocrine glands especially thyroid gland.

I highly recommend to learn surya namaskar from yoga practitioner as  there are chances of doing it wrong and hurting yourself. Practise sun salutation under supervision of your yoga master till you get a hold on it.

Initially you may find it tough to do but believe me it becomes very easy and becomes a part of your routine if you do these 12 postures for 12 times continuously for 7 days.

Beautiful Gift Called Eyes

Sparrows romancing in the garden and Squirrels playing in the lawn.

Flocking birds unison in the evening sky and Twinkling stars in the night sky.

Fishes swimming in the ocean and waves rushing towards the shore of the sea

Water falling from the mountains and its streams gently passing on the rocks

Colors of autumn, Snow white of winter, Bare trees of fall and flower studs of spring

Every beauty of nature is best felt by the gift called Eyes.

Lets pass on this gift so our eyes live to feel these beauty even when we are gone.

Donate Eyes.Give Life.